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Michael E. Heldman
Roger G. Treece
Rebecca S. Smith
Cris E. Bell
Kathleen A. Abbott
Tina L. Driftmyer
Ryan C. Kidwell
Jesse Sterrett
Joseph M. Hartman

We are committed to the people of our community and our profession.  We are driven to provide service with understanding, respond with compassion and perform all duties with integrity.

We are committed to maintaining human rights, the protection of property, and the preservation of life. We are committed to professionalism and excellence. We will ensure the safety and security of our citizens.

Our vision is to become the most progressive and efficient Sheriff’s Office in the State of Ohio. This requires the dedication of each employee to adhere to the fundamental values that we deem essential by this office in order to fulfill our mission. We actively require the participation of each employee into the philosophy of community oriented policing. This philosophy allows law enforcement and residents to collectively identify and address crime and disorder concerns in our community, and develop ways to reduce and prevent problems from occurring in the future. The following values form the foundation upon which we build to accomplish our mission.

To providing personalized law enforcement service to the community at the highest standard of quality possible. To invest truth in our employees, relying on their combined judgment, wisdom and experience to generate creative new approaches to community concerns. To be fair, impartial and efficient as we strive to preserve peace, order and safety.

To join in partnership with citizens of Hancock County to identify and prioritize neighborhood concerns and seek solutions in problem solving. This partnership allows for change to occur today with the promise of making our communities safer and more attractive places for tomorrow.

To be committed to follow the principles set forth in the oath of office and the standards established by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office. We pledge to act as a catalyst in an effort to empower the citizens of Hancock County into an equal interest in crime prevention. We dedicate ourselves to explore and investigate new ways to translate this philosophy of power sharing into practice.

Organizational Structure

Michael E. Heldman

Fiscal Officer
Chief Deputy
HR SpecialistLieutenant/EnforcementDirector/Transport WarrantLieutenant/Jail Administrator
Lieutenant/Jail Operations
Road/Dispatch Sergeants (5)Detectives SgtCorrections Sgts (6)
Clerks (3)Road Deputies (15)Detectives (3)Transport Duties (7)Clerks (2 FT, 1 PT)Corrections Officers (34)
SRO (3)
Crime Prevention (1)
Communications Officers (10)Detectives Drug Unit (2)