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Press Release – IRS Scam – 8.1.18

Press Release – IRS Scam – 8.1.18

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous reports of the IRS scam in our area.

The IRS scam is a call to homes stating the resident owes money to the IRS and if they do not pay, local law enforcement will arrest them. The Sheriff would like to remind residents that this is scam and not to fall victim to it. The IRS does not call delinquent individuals, they will send you a letter.

If you receive a call like this or any others where the caller is asking for personal information, please hang up.   If you feel the call might be legitimate, call the company back with a phone number you have on hand, not one you have been provided from the caller.  Research all companies online with information you find, not website information provided by the unknown caller.  Do not make or send payments to these callers.

If you realize you have given your personal information out, contact your bank and stop any payments immediately. Check your credit at or by calling 877-322-8228. If you have become a victim of identity theft, contact your local law enforcement.

For more information, please contact Beth Baker, Crime Prevention Specialist at 419-424-7253.