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Sex Offenders

The Explanation

The Federal Adam Walsh Act (AWA), Sex Offender notification act is now in effect. This 2006 Federal law was implemented to standardize Sex Offender classifications nationwide and are based on the actual crime the Offender was convicted of and the age of the victims.

The new Tier Levels are generally categorized as follows:

  • Tier I is the lowest classification level and is comparable to the old Sexually Oriented Offender classification. These offenders have to register yearly for 15 years.
  • Tier II is the middle level classification and is comparable to the old Habitual Sex Offender classification. Tier II may or may not have public notification post cards sent out to neighbors depending on Court designation. These offenders have to register every 180 days for 25 years.
  • Tier III is the highest classification level and is comparable to the old Sexual Predator classification and includes public notification post cards sent out to neighbors. These offenders have to register every 90 days for life.

There are several slight name variations within each level in regards to a type and or age of the victim.

In 2011 previously AWA classified sex offenders were returned to their previous AWA status as per their sentencing.

For further information on Sex Offenders, check out the databases listed below or perform public record checks through the Clerk of Courts in the county where the offender was convicted.

Once a sex offender is released from jail or the prison system, they are required, by law, to register with the Sheriff of the county in which they plan to live. Under Ohio’s SORN laws The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation & Identification collects data from the 88 County Sheriffs on the sex offenders registered in their counties, or incarcerated sex offenders in the state prison system, and on sex offenders moving in from other states. Registration data is housed and managed on databases at BCI&I which is headquartered in London, Ohio.

Ohio Sex Offender DataBase

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