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Enforcement Division

The Enforcement Patrol component remains the most visible arm of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office. This division consists of Deputy Sheriffs serving the county in a proactive approach to problem solving and community policing.  They actively work together with citizens to explore creative solutions to solving problems and fighting crime. This division is responsible for traffic law enforcement, as well as responding to calls for service.

The Sheriff, as the chief law enforcement officer of the county, is responsible for servicing a landmass of approximately 534 square miles. This includes 1,185 miles of roadway, of which 217 miles are state highways, 534 miles are township roadways and 434 miles are country roads.

The Enforcement Patrol component consists of 22 deputies patrolling, 6 detectives, 2 school resource officers, 3 administrators and 6 available sworn deputies in the Transport Warrant Division. Each position has it’s own patrol vehicle.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office’s vehicle fleet consists of 25 patrol vehicles, 9 vehicles for Transport Warrant, and 6 for detective use.

The Road Patrol is also responsible for safeguarding property, investigating crime and response to complaints and accidents.They are also responsible for the service of subpoenas,warrants, summons and other legal notices as issued by the courts.